S-CORE™ was initially created in 2005 by Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard of AXIS Performance Advisors in collaboration with the International Sustainable Development Foundation and the Zero Waste Alliance. Inspired by LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), AXIS wanted to create a tool for all organizations, to help them understand how they could move toward sustainability, which is the core to a successful business. S-CORE™ was first published as part of Darcy and Marsha’s book, The Business Guide to Sustainability.

In 2010, Maureen Hart, a licensed S-CORE™ assessor and the President of Sustainable Measures, LLC along with Ed Hart of NetricSolutions and Jim Angelo, created this web-based version to allow easier access by a wider audience of users.

In 2014, Marsha, Darcy and Maureen transferred the right to use, develop and market S-CORE™ to ISSP as a donation in order to put the tool into the public domain and accelerate the implementation of sustainable best practices. Darcy and Marsha continue to update their Guide and this version of S-CORE™ dovetails with the book to provide frameworks, tools and strategies for improving organizational sustainability performance.